Safe, Clean, Sizeable Accommodations

4 sizes of heavy gauge, chain link indoor/outdoor kennels allow our "guests" to see their neighbors. During warmer months, doggie doors to the larger outdoor part of each kennel are left open. Flooring is radiant heated in the winter: the building is air-conditioned during summer's worst heat. Mega-large total outdoor kennels are heavy gauge chain link, have igloo dog houses and are sheltered against the sun and rain. Our "cattery" allows cats to roam free to choose their own "condo" or cubby on top of the condos, hide out in the cat trees, play in the water fountain or sit on the window sills to watch the birds.

Personal, Attentive Care

We offer a FREE. 3-hour "get acquainted" visit prior to a boarding stay to allay any fears a new guest may have about being abandoned in an un-familiar environment. We make an immediate effort to learn the names of our guests, treating them with respect and kindness to earn their trust and friendship. We are lavish with the "Hugs Kisses 'n Cookies", ensuring the dog has a good and memorable experience with us. Be sure to let us know if your dog is a ball or Frisbee player. Owners may bring their pets' own bedding, toys and food; however we do offer Costco beds and Pro Pac Premium Pet Food in lamb or chicken as part of our boarding fee.

Multiple Exercise Outings

Dogs have four, 15-30 minute exercise outings throughout the day starting at 7AM, again at 11AM, 4PM and 8PM. Each dog or family of dogs has 1 of 12 chain link fenced yards to themselves where they are safe to be as brave as they care to be, while sizing up their neighbor in the next yard. The yards are graveled and have a corner area sheltered against sun and rain. Playing ball with dogs creates a lot of stimulating activity among even the non-ball players, ensuring quiet nap times until the next outing. Cookies are offered upon the dogs' return to their kennel..

Competitive Rates - No Added Fees

Our rates are consistent with other boarding facilities (less in some cases) in Missoula and Bitterroot Counties: however we offer a free morning if pets are picked up by 10AM and a half day charge between the hours of 10AM and 4PM. For instance, at our current rate, a dog could be dropped off at 7AM the first day and picked up at 10AM the NEXT day for just $14.00. Two family dogs could stay the same amount of time for just $26.00; additional dogs just $10.00 each. Cats can stay for $11.00 for first cat and two cats for $20.00. One dog and 1 cat for $27.00. There are no added fees to administer insulin, or the dog's own medication or supplements.

Customer Friendly "OPEN" Hours

We are open every day of the year, for more hours than the average kennel. You are free to drop off or pick up your pet between the hours of 7AM to 6:30PM every day of the week. After cleaning our floors from 6:30PM to 8PM nightly we do open again for PICK-UPS only from 8PM-9PM. We have a professional dog groomer on site.